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Old Shooting Chrony questions.

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I was at a flea-market and found an old red Shooting Chrony for $5. I put a new 9v battery in it, and it works. This is older than current spec so I can't find much in the way of manuals etc. I believe it is an original - no buttons, no calculations, no saved strings etc, just a velocity reading if you put a bullet where the sensors can see it.

So every once in a while it throws an error instead of a velocity. These are 00:00, 01:25, 01:26 and lately 01:27.

I'm thinking 01:25 and 01:26 may be one or the other sensor saw a bullet but only one, not both. 01:27 -may- be a battery warning since I have the same battery in it since last year (which I'll be replacing today). I don't get 00:00 though - if neither sensor sees the bullet it should just keep the last reading.

Google is drawing a blank on this, though there are some articles that mention this model - anyone here know what the codes mean?

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