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Originally Posted by Atonic View Post
Al, I recently had a visit with a different nurse practitioner. She suggested the propanolol might be worth the side effects even though it is contraindicated for my diabetes.
No sugarbeeteez here and I remember no real side effects when I was on nothing else.
We have one of those ornamental pear trees. I haven't been near it since I saw ticks crawling around in the crotch 10 years ago.
Ticks in your crotch or the tree's??
Originally Posted by 404tbang View Post
Line'em out Rhody!

Do it for the children!
Yeah that R!!

Good range report D.

Good pistol reports as always Gerald.

Haven't done anything notable today in eager anticipation, resting the joints, of the shack work detail tomorrow.
I did try eating 3 different breeds of apples of which only one didn't have a big rotten spot within. Nah, I cut em in half first having previous encounters with it. Never did spray for rot and thats what I get. I warned the grass cutter to cut em open first and I imagine if he forgot he'll remember when he gets one or more with it.
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