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Had the tree trimming guys out yesterday. They did a great job. Well worth the money to have the pros do it instead of trying to put it into the green bin a little each week. I'd spend about the same amount of time cutting branches in smaller sections then they did doing the who thing. The trees look bare but that's okay. If they did too much I'm okay with it.

Made it through 4/5th's of a large project at work. Will finish the last section this week. Big load off my mind. Given this server was installed in 2003 it has served us well. Having a constant fear for the past 10 years I'd come in on a Monday to find the thing bit the dust. Then there would be grief and consternation.

Off to a wedding reception on the old navy base at Treasure Island this afternoon. Should be fun. Like it that the attire is not too formal.

Have lunch with the daughter's inlaws tomorrow. They're in town for the weekend so I guess we can be considered "filler" in their entertainment agenda. Anything to help the daughter out. Might wrap it up early enough to make a quick run to Harbor Freight. Got my eye their electric extension trimmer. Might be useful.
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