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Originally Posted by Rhody View Post

I did my first full day subbing for a fourth grade class on Thursday. We all managed to survive the day. They got most of their assigned work done despite not behaving very well for me. One kid had a tooth fall out. No, I didn't knock it out!

Woulda fixed the bad behavior problem!

When I was in fourth grade, we had a principal with arms like Popeye. And a professional grade paddle prominently perched on the wall in his office. With holes in it. To go faster, with less air resistance...........

I got a hall pass to go to the restroom one day. One kid was behaving badly. This of course influenced other kids to do likewise. My timing to exit could not have been better.

I was almost back in the classroom, and there just outside the classroom door was Popeye, holding Mr. Too Big for His Britches by the collar with one hand.........and drawing back that high speed-low drag paddle with the other.

He fired for effect. It echoed down the hall.......

I kid you not, I saw a rather large splinter fly off that paddle on the first swat!

I darted through the door to see a classroom that was quite subdued as that second swat sang out. Lotsa big eyed kids looking at the teacher, hoping not to be next. Mrs. Teacher had an evil grin on her face and a twinkle in her eye........

After the Attitude Adjustment, and some whimpering and sniffling out in the hallway, Mr. Too Big for His Britches skulked back into the classroom. Sat down tenderly. Mrs. Teacher thanked Popeye, and commenced teaching again. To a VERY attentive classroom.

That was waaaaaay back there when the kids didn't run the school system..........the educators did. And the kids learned. And not just book learning, either. Life lessons. Sadly, those days seem to be gone.

Line'em out Rhody!

Do it for the children!