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Originally Posted by Al the Infidel View Post

Our 'bum's jungle', wooded area next to the side tracks, has had a complete makeover for the good. No more tracks or nuttin.
Originally Posted by gmd1950 View Post
Hobo Jungle was across the street from the Winn Dixie I worked at during High School, some interesting characters to be sure, we kept stocked on cheap wine mostly for their benefit. While I was away at College my Freshman Year the City decided to cut down all the trees so no cover for them, no idea where they moved on to.
We had two of them. The one on the west side of town was called Bums Woods. The one on the east side was called Mexi. Mexi was the barely noticeable remnants of a small shanty town where the railroad let the migrants stay back in the early 1900's. After they where gone the hobo's found it useful.
Bums woods is now a ballfield. Mexi is still there, only recently the ground has came out of railroad ownership. Mexi sat on the edge of about a 30 + track system with boney piles and a few tipples. They think their going to put in a trail / hiking / biking system through about 5 miles of old railroad bed. But their finding that cleaning up what's being unearthed under 100 plus years of cinders is a lot more expensive than they thought. I think it will be there for some time to come.