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Originally Posted by HighValleyRanch View Post
Couldn't find many posts about the IZH 35M or variants here.
Just fixing mine up and want to see what others have to say about this nice pistol.
Like everything about it except the grips, and I'm fixing that today! Plan on making new ones, but for right now just ground down the old ones to a straight finger groove type grips. Like the adjustable trigger
Put the weaver mount on today and plan of finding something like a small ultradot to put on. My eyes just aren't that good for irons anymore. too bad, cause I like the way it looks with just the iron sights.
Reminds me of my old FAS 604 I used to have and shouldn't have gotten rid of.
I have one which I picked up used. I haven't yet given it a good tryout, just tested for functioning. Did you check the sticky at the top if this forum? Even though they are not imported any longer, it is telling that Walther sells a "gussied up" version, and the latest, hottest Bullseye .22, the Feinwerkbau AW93, is also based on it.

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