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452fs .22lr
Currently Talley "low" cz452 rings, have used "high" cz452 rings.
Weaver classic rimfire 4x28

-You have to mount the scope completely behind the rear sight, as even with the small 33.5mm objective-end OD on the Weaver, the rear sight leaf will interfere with scope mounting (although not by much). With Talley "high" cz452 rings, the 4x Weaver clears the rear sight leaf by only 2mm, making the maximum objective OD size that will clear, using Talley "high" rings (0.600" high), only 35mm. With that limitation of having the scope sit completely behind the rear sight, you have to limit scope overall length. I find that a scope length of 12 inches is comfortable, but any more and I find myself wanting to move the scope forward to get a comfortable cheek weld. This I believe is the reason why small scopes are used on the cz 452s with iron sights. If CZ makes a new model of the 452 with sights, it ought to take a cue from centerfire guns and use a flip-down rear sight blade with a tangent-style ramp. That would solve this scope mounting situation. As it stands, however, I believe that a 7 or 9x maximum magnification scope is enough to hit 2" targets at 100 - 125yds, which is realistically pushing the envelope, ballistically, of both the .17hmr and .22wmr, not to mention the good old standby, the .22lr.