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I like nice stuff. But hate dinging em up.

Finally said screw it and got a beater .35 rem 760, Auto 5 20 ga and 10/22 Fingergroove.

I don't abuse them but am not gonna flip out when they get a little more character.
Had mint 1100 magnums and 870 Wingmasters and Ruger #1's,

Killed a ton of stuff too, but always babied em.

The .35 rem doesn't kick much but slams deer. It just flat out works so well. Figure it as 150 yard cartridge, but so far all my deer have been half that or closer.

I have a brand new Steyr .30-06 that won't get blooded this yr.
Slept in today, rough night at work (sinus headache).
TRy maybe this evening w the Contender pistol, or all day hunt tomorrow.
Last day for gun season here.
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