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Originally Posted by Av1at0r View Post
The rifle failed the plop test with the first round tried.
OK. As you noted, this plop-observation is at least tell-tale. If the live cartridge sticks so badly your extractor can't budge it out ... it's the bane of the blowback operation.

.... in a drill ....
A drill, you say? This is a near-certain, if aggressive way of removing what ever is in the chamber that hung things up. And at least on paper, the bronze brush can't harm the steel of the chamber. That the bulk pack Winchester still is 'sticky' but not the others is an indication this is true.

I'm headed to the range this morning with crossed fingers to test the results.
Hoping to hear a positive outcome.

By the way ... this borescope:


wasn't horribly costly and it's been remarkably useful. I am not affiliated with the manufacturer or the vendor in any way.
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