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Originally Posted by toppkatt View Post
I may be way out of date on prices, but for a 1407 (verified, not a barreled action in a different stock) I'd offer around 1,000 to 1,200 tops. if condition was less than positive I might even offer 800. Remember how old these are and parts break. While they (1400's) may not be as hard to find parts for as the (1600's series?) it's still an Anschutz part and worth something. Look for an original butt plate for a 1413 or palm rest.
Also, many 1400's have been imported from Europe. There they were quite often used in clubs and had the heck shot out of them. When they started to lose accuracy and repair was cost prohibitive the club sold them off.
Of course, I bought mine new as a junior shooter and the FFL sold it to me for $7 over his invoice as an incentive for a young shooter to join in the fun. ($197 still have the receipt from 1971)
Yep, it's not a 1411. I owned a late model,with the adjustable cheek piece.
..Where are some of these unknowing buyers,willing to overpay, when I'm selling no excuse guns?? (though I honestly feel that I fairly price my stuff and I'm not accustomed as this seller will be, with two guys bowing out.)

1500=1800? I'd want a minty 1811 with accessories....or I'd pay the dif and go for a new Annie.

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