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Originally Posted by ShootsAtSky View Post
The five digit SN from my notes on the 44 US (a) bugged me, so I pulled the scope and mount, cleaned up the gooped on locktite and got a good picture.

I have to correct it (Sorry Flash!).

It is a six digit SN, now that it's cleaned up I can see a 1x0355.

But, now I have a question for anyone else with a US Property 44 US (a).

Where is the US Property stamp on the barrel? On mine it's in front of the Mossberg roll stamp, but on all of the 44 US that I've looked at the US Property stamp is below the Mossberg roll stamp. Is mine 'odd', or did they place the US Property stamp in different places?


My 44US (a) has US Property on the barrel in front of the roll stamp as well.

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