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RAR Target ? Legal ?

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I've been thinking about a RAR for a few years now, but didn't care for the stocks, and pencil barrels. Then they came out with the wood stock version, and I started thinking more often. Now they came out with the Target model, with the laminate stock, and 18" .860 barrel, in 22 long rifle . http://www.ruger-firearms.com/produc...et/models.html

I went to see my LGS a few days ago, and he got on a notification list with his suppliers. So in a month or so I may get my hands on one. I think with that barrel there may be some potential, with some trigger work, and tuning.

So on to my question. From what I read in the rules, it should fall into varmint class. But it has a threaded barrel, that is capped, and I don't see anything in the rules about a threaded barrel. Would it be in ??
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