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Franken Trombone

So....I ordered a Trombone off the internet from a LGS (not local to me) and from the less than ideal pictures I could see that it was marked unusually from what we normally see in Canada. The sights and wood are correct although the rear sight elevator is missing. The receiver is factory grooved for scope rings.

The s/n is 69W14XX (on the under side of the barrel in front of the magazine tube) and it only has the Perron inside a circle with PV surmounted by a crown. This proof mark is on top of the receiver and on the just in front of it on the barrel. One would suppose 1969 manufacture?

So far so good.

The lower receiver however has a s/n of 518 (the preceding numbers are left off which is often the case), the butt plate is marked 407, the carrier retainer/assembly piece is marked 19X (the last number has been over stamped and looks like an 8 on top of a 0 on top of a 6) and as a grand finale the pump handle has a serial number of 1335XX ~ the last two numbers are not 18 as in 518 like the pump handle.

Crack me up.

My initial suspicion is that this is more than two rifles which have been mis-assembled at some point. Usually in this case the uppers match and the lowers match but I have never seen such a variety of s/n on a Trombone. Additionally there is a distinct lack of inspectors marks as compared to any other Trombone as far I can recall. I will have to go look at some of the later ones to refresh my memory on this point.

However a 1335XX is in the region of being made no later than 1968 so it is possible that this is a factory rifle made up of whatever was at hand for whatever reason.

Always an adventure with Trombones!

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