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Proof reading is not my forte as you can tell. #5 should read " the sheet metal single shot adaptors were not available until mid 1935(A model).
Also, I found a drawing for the 56-57 22 short follower. It is dated 10-18-20, and is titled as "follower for 5 & 10 capacity", so maybe there were short 10 round mags made with the stamped followers! It shows an inscription stamped into the follower that reads "22 SHORT, PAT FEB 21-22". This was never revised on the drawing. So My assumption is that the 22 short mags were originally intended for the 56-57, not the 52. I had never considered this before. It may be a common assumption to everyone else. I don't know a whole lot or delve into the the 56-57 to the same degree as I do the 52's.

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