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Here are some of my observations:
1-The patent date was removed from base (revised on drawing) on 7/1/44.
2-I show no markings listed for the follower on the 10 round 22 Long Rifle magazines...ever. Does anyone have a magazine with a "22 Long Rifle" marked follower?
3-The later cast single shot adaptors were made of 2 types of material. From inception until mid 1955 they were diecast zinc. From that date forward they were diecast aluminum.
4-I feel the marked 22 long rifle followers shoud only be listed as used up to late 30 or early 31, since they were revised in August of 1930.
5-The sheet metal followers were introduced mid 1935(A models), not from the beginning of 52 production.
I will be interested to see other's comments concerning the above.
JWA, Thanks for putting all this together. That is one heck of a bunch of work!
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