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Originally Posted by AzizaVFR View Post
You do not have to get a dovetail cut into the barrel.
The receiver is 1.166" in diameter.
Brownells sells a Dovetail scope base you can use to make a base.
They sell the base in 12" lengths.
The link you give actually leads to a 4" rail, I presume those screws aren't in the correct positions.

I also presume the item you used was 080-032-101, (http://www.brownells.com/.aspx/pid=3...OPE_BASE_STOCK), " No.100-12, 1" (25.4mm) diameter base contour." The other options are flat and .840" so if the receiver is 1.166" the 1" would seem the best fit, is that what you used?

Finally does anyone know what type of screw holds the weaver rail on? It seems rather an odd threading. I don't know if the Russians have their own screw standards.

Thanks much.
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