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Originally Posted by Quickoz View Post
Thats a nice ultimate you have there mate, i though it was a AR for a sec!!!! Does it shoot well though??
Hey Quickoz,

Sorry about the late reply. Thanks for the compliments. Its a blast to shoot.

It shoots as good as expected from a stock barrel. I can hit all the cans I want at 50 yards.
On paper about 2 inches at the same distance. I have a Volquartsen wuzzle weighted black finish SS Barrel back ordered that should really tighten it up.

I'm thinking about the Tactical Solutions SBX Barrel with a matching suppressor but that will add about $650 (barrel. can and stamp)to the build cost for a total cost of around $1100 and that is real hard to justify for a 10/22. I have ARs that I've built for much less that would still shoot circles around it.

But I do have the sickness so only time will tell....

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