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Originally Posted by georgiaboy View Post

Ya'll got some some tuff-looking Tapcos here.

...might as well show my two:

This one has a GM 17" SS "heavy-taper" bbl., B&L Elite 3000 3-9x40 w/ BC flips and parallax adjusted to 35 yds., VQ "seconds" hammer and other internal work, <2 lb. trigger.... sweet little .22.

This one has a GM 16.5" fluted .17 HM2 bbl., Leu 4x RF scope, and the usual (and some necessary for the 17) internal mods... barks over here, bites 'way over yonder.

Keep the tapco pix coming guys.... the "military" look is startin' to grow on me!
Hoe does that 17" barrel shoot for you? Been thinking about getting one for my tapco..
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