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New to Anschutz, looking for classic advice

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First time poster, have enjoyed reading the board for about a year.

I picked up a 1980 MS-64. It came with a 3 - 9x Simons Presidential scope. These are pretty good, back in the days when Simons was trying to compete with high end scopes. I shot my fist bench match with it and did ok (won) for shooting off a sand bag and using CCI SV.

Now I have tested some ammo, Eley Club works quite well, that has tightened things up. Thinking that it is time to get a better scope.

I would really like to stay with the 1980 time frame and so the latest 45x scopes are not what I am looking for. I would be ok with a fixed power 24x to maybe 36x. The obvious choices are Weaver, Leupold. The current rings are for 1" tube.

Can someone suggest a few good scopes from the 80's era?

Wasn't sure if this should be in this board or the scope forum. I apologize if I got it wrong.
Thanks, -Brad
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