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I went from 22LR to 30-06 as my first center fire and anyone who says that will not get your attention is lying. That first shot and first day is a big deal. I will never forget that any more than first time I kissed a girl or day I got my drivers license.

We are not born with the ability to shoot larger guns. I quickly moved down to a 250 savage. Over time, I was taught how to shoot. I was also taught specifically how to shoot the Garand in competition. I think most people man or woman can learn if given the proper instruction.

Someone posted the 06 was right at some people recoil tolerance threshold. I think what the 06 represent is the level where technique matters. Folks I hang with believe the recoil tolerance for adult men with the proper skill set and experience is between the 416 magnum (fill in the name) and the 458 Lott (or Winchester). You dont get there over night and if a person does not have the desire there is no reason to ever get to that level. I spent years with the 375HH before the 416 Rigby felt right. The Lott remains a challenge for me. Then I like a challenge. If I want a full day shooting, I like the 22LR.

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