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Originally Posted by 917M2Sfan View Post
Cabela's has been going downhill ever since BPS bought them. Before much longer you won't be able to tell one from the other. The only difference between them seems to be that Cabela's sells used firearms and BPS only sells new firearms.
Lately ,things have gotten way better. It seems that the Bass Pro managent model produced such dismal results at the Cabellas , that they have hired a new consulting company, and they have gone back to the Cabellas model. Still have trigger locks, but will take them off, more guns in the store, more staff at the counter.

But like like I said , they did move in the vacation scam desk

Getting back to the topic. Buying a sale gun as a donor gun for a build. Yeah you can do it, and sell the take off parts on eBay and maybe net $80 to $100 for the barrel stock and trigger bolt and charging handle. . So you paid $100 to $120 for a receiver. When you can buy them for $70 plus the ffl fee. So about the same but a lot more work on your part. Now if you can buy a DSP or a Rifle , with an unbranded stock , you can use that stock for your build . That saves you a few bucks. But there are so many stocks like that on eBay , or better stocks at reasonable prices , that isnít that important

Now sometimes you have to do what you have to do, I ran across a nib stainless barrel black receiver at the lgs for $150 , I bought it and it turned from this into this

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