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Cheek Rest

TLDR - Skeletonized comb fitting

Here are the details...

Here is where the K.I.S.S. principle really shines. I wanted a cheek rest that was light, strong and simple to fit.
It doesn’t need to be adjustable on the fly, once it is adjusted, it stays put.

Solution – make the mold from a bit of round floor molding glued to a metal plate. That’s it and the mold survives several layups.
This is actually the first item I made and practiced vacuum bagging with fiberglass just to get the process down.
The part was simple and small so different versions were cheap to make and actually yielded a useful product, eventually.
It also really demonstrated the difference in weight, thickness and rigidity between fiberglass and carbon fiber.

My photographer was walking by during a previous layup.

Some sloppy stuff going onto the mold.

Not very pretty still stuck to the mold.

After prying it loose.

I extend the lower flat area out a bit to get some excess flat stock for other uses.
A set of plastic automotive pry tools are really handy for separating CF from the mold. Harbor Freight is the ticket.

Ended up with a small ridge at the base of the curve.
Just a cosmetic detail, but will put a small radius on the bottom edge of the mold for next time.

Shaping such a thin piece is quick with a diamond wheel and a bit of sand paper.

For adjustments, an oval mounting hole is cut to allow left to right fine adjustment.
Using a wooden block as a mount, the new Proxxon press makes nice symmetric holes.

Here is the edge profile of how thin the piece is but it is quite rigid

For height adjustments up and down a bit of tubing works great at a spacer.

If there is more surface area needed for back and forth on the stock axis, I will just make one longer.
You can really see the difference in surface finish between peel ply (outer left side above) and against the smooth mold surface (inner right side).
Doesn’t really matter for this one as I will do a light sanding on both sides prior to final clear coat.

The color and finish of the paint could be varied to taste or even a decal could be added for a bit of flair (if you’re into that sort of thing - I ain’t).
For now I like a hard surface but may add a neoprene cover later to see how it works.
I will also make up a mold that has more of a square shape to see how it works.

Stay tuned – working on something slick for the shoulder fitting. Well, it will be slick if it works.

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