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Originally Posted by Toomany22s View Post
Well , I only remember, because it was the one that got away. It was a beautiful gun, bull barrel, excellent fit and finish, and unlike most of my guns, brand new and had a box , with a big blue cowboy on it.
Toomany22s sir all I wanted was a 22mag rifle I could take out in bad weather when my older brother and I would head over to Cedarville to shoot gophers in April we almost always ran into rain showers and it even hailed on us one time...most of the time it would mist and get our rifles wet.

Anyway I bought mine from Buds for less than $250....and it is one super nice accurate rifle. I just bolted on a V-16 scope and went to sight it in with two other CZ rifles I had bought so I did not want to spend a lot of time with it..so I shot it first...and here are some pictures of that sight in target:

The first shot...I thought I missed the target until I walked up to it...and I thought man that was a luck shot...so I went back to my rifle and shot the other 3 rounds out of the magazine.

so here is the other three rounds:

I just could not believe it I knew I had something there and this is what the target looked like for my Marlin rifle:

Talking about being ready for bad weather. I know what I am taking with me. I have sighted in a lot of rifles in my life and never had one do this right out of the box...being brand new.


Edit; my 980V in front and the XT 22MSVR

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