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Originally Posted by Darrell Davis View Post
Anyway, would still like to be able to do off season practice, in my shop!
Meaning little to NO time required between shots and NO singly feeding pellets in a hard to reach barrel.
Guess I might be willing to buy a hand pump for a PCP type pistol if it is NOT a single shot and then fight to get the next pellet loaded.
Crusty Deary Ol'Coot

Having read through your postings, I think you are looking for an almost impossible item.

No matter which way we look at it, the power source for an air pistol is going to be more cumbersome than the convenience of a 22rf or other type of cartridge.

Fundamentally I see two options of air pistol type, unless money is not an object.

First off there are the CO2 powered multi-shot pistols, whilst many of these are styled on actual firearms they are mostly built for the plinking market so accuracy is not always as good as it could be.

You mention the Walther CP88, these actually aren't bad, however, they are fundamentally a revolver dressed up to look like a semi-auto pistol so the trigger isn't what you would expect.

Second there are the single shot pistols that can be spring-piston, single stroke, multi-pump, CO2 or pre-charged pneumatic.

These vary from simple plinkers to sophisticated and expensive match pistols.

There are some pistols that offer multi-shot capability although a number of these will be manually operated repeaters.

The number of pistols that offer a more semi-auto operation are much thinner on the ground.

The very best of these is going to be the likes of the Steyr LP50, but expect a serious price tag to go with it.

For all round fun with semi-auto, respectable power and decent accuracy then for me the old Crosman 600 takes some beating, but, these are long out of production and are often seen as collectors items.

I hope this helps a bit and that you find a practice pistol that suits your needs.
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