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Hmmm... Mine seems to work just fine. I had seen some reviews of not enough elevation adjustment, along with some aftermarket options for new front sights to address this. So, I was prepared to do the swap if needed. But, mine came out of the box pretty much spot on for the range that I tend to use the gun for. The smallest bit in my Weaver screwdriver set fits the adjustment screws perfectly although I didn't have to use it. Just checked for fit...

And I have seen some complaints about the rear sight mounting screw coming loose, so I loctited it straight away to prevent an issue.

While perhaps not the "best" sights available, for this guns purpose, I actually like the sights quite a bit. With that said, I only have a bit over 400 rounds through the gun so far. If I start having issues holding zero I'll come back and update my opinion. But so far... no complaints with anything on this gun at all.
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