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TX22 sights worthless

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Recently acquired a TX22 and quite happy about almost everything. Able to function with any ammo I've tried so far. Ergonomics have great feel and comfort even for girlfriend with small hands. 16 Rds a plus.

After all the good things Taurus built into this gun.


Don't understand after building a completely new pistol why the sights are an afterthought. Need jewelers screwdriver to adjust. So much pretravel and backlash is movement. Elevation is a total joke, would not hold elevation after adjustment and firing one round. I have a 50 year old Daisy air pistol with better sights. Taurus really missed the target with this (pun intended).

Seems to be a great gun but having to spend another $80 or so for decent sights makes it not such a bargain.

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