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Originally Posted by NHcollector View Post
While other posters are correct in that it is probably a scope level issue there is a real problem with bullet drift at long ranges, though it won't show up at relatively short ranges of 300 yards. The Buffington sights on Trapdoor Springfields and Springfield 1903s correct for precession, the drift imparted by the spinning bullet as it descends onto the target from it's high arc at very long distances. You will note that the ladder does not climb vertically but leans to the side to compensate for precession. Those were marksmen's sights, good in competitions but too complicated for the battlefield.
Is precession another name for spin drift ?
In my circles that's what we call the offset at long ranges.
Then there is the Coriolis effect caused by Earth's rotation, but that would be WAY out there for a front-stuffer, like 1000 yards
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