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Latest reply from Aguila

This is the latest reply I've gotten from Aguila.

Hi Toby,

Thank you for your interest in Aguila ammo and for taking the time to message us. We appreciate your compliment and are happy to hear that you're such a big fan.

With regards to our 5mm ammunition, production has been put on hold in order to meet the demands of our current products; however, we are looking to get solid numbers to manufacturing for production runs in 2018. We'll be sure to make an announcement when the 5mm is back in production (trust us, this will be a HUGE announcement), and in the meantime, we ask that you take a look at our other great product lines!

We appreciate your patience and continued support of Aguila ammo and look forward to serving all of your ammunition needs now and in the near future! www.aguilaammo.com


Cara Peebles Scott
Public Relations
Texas Armament & Technology
2014 Airport Road
Conroe, Texas 77301 USA
C: (315) 225-5470
O: (888) 452-4019
O: (936)-701-1370 (International customers)
E: [email protected]
W: www.Tx-AT.com

I have my fingers crossed !!
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