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Apologies .... !

Hi Vic,

Sorry about that one ... I keep meaning to get back to finish the write-up, and for a hundred reasons keep getting side-tracked - lol ! Too many projects going at once, as always, I suppose !

To be as brief as possible, for this post, basically two things need doing ... slightly trim back and smooth one jagged end of the double-ended hooked spring - (L.H. Bottom in my illustration). This will make it a little easier to slip back into place when re-assembling the trigger unit.

Secondly, the trigger pull weight can be adjusted "up" or "down" by screwing in/out the threaded rod with the transverse hole in one end that fits in the "sear actuator bar", (R.H. Center in my illustration). Final adjustment of creep can be done with the small screw in that same actuator bar .... it's trial and error here. Don't get the threaded rod screwed out too far to reduce spring tension or it'll just flop around. My suggestion if this is not light enough is to hunt up or make a new spring using thinner gauge wire. In my case I needed to heavy up the pull to 3# for CMP competition.

Bryan - The Fuzzy Limey

PS: A very small pair of fine needle-nose pliers comes in handy in manipulating the spring hooks into place ... also an assortment of finish nails and fine watchmakers screwdrivers help as "third" - (and "fourth") - hands when re-assembling the complete unit.

PPS: If by any chance you intend to use this BB for CMP shooting, be aware that it is extremely easy to inadvertently touch and move the safety lever back slightly in Rapid Fire antics. I suggest drilling a small in the blade of the lever in front of the trigger guard and inserting a small diameter roll-pin to temporarily disable the safety feature ... this is NOT a recommendation for a permanent installation !!!

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