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Originally Posted by Chaser View Post
Hmmmm... just pulled out a 44 Mag casing and measured OD at .457 less .21 = .247 - not a bad idea Gents But I usually stress the importance and bragging rights of 50 yd. groups... getting a good read/baseline at 25 is not a bad idea however.
I don't disagree, but it's about ready access to facilities. Anything within an hour of me is 25yds. I can get to a 25yd range over lunch 5 min from the office. Beyond that takes away from weekend time with family and requires more planning. Not to say it doesn't happen; just not as readily.

Thanks for the feedback gents! The black on those dots is 9mm (.35") so for sure that 36gr MiniMag group that's centered up would count. Time to print a target and dirty up the rifle!
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