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July 2017 25 Yard Scope CZ/BRNO Rimfire Benchrest Match

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CZ or BRNO scoped sporters less than or equal to 9.0 lbs when weighed with the magazine removed. The CZ 452 and 455 Varmint should qualify unless your glass and rings are more than 2 pounds, but as far as BRNO Models 3 and 4 -- sorry guys, you'll have to step up to the 50 yard distance.

Any safe trigger. Maximum magnification of 9x on the scope. (Those with variable scopes set them to 9x or lower).

No aftermarket barrels or stocks only CZ's original stocks and barrels. There are other BR games on RFC for dramatically altered rifles. We are trying to encourage competition with unmodified or minimally modified scoped CZ sporters.

Target is the USBR Target (The Green Monster)

22 long rifle

Fired from a benchrest using front and rear support, must be free recoiling (no gun vises), but a bi-pod is fine if the shooter prefers.

Distance to target is 25 yards

Time limit - 1 hour for unlimited sighters and the 25 rounds for score

You can shoot on an indoor range if it is your only option, but please report that fact in your post.

You can post multiple targets if each is fired with a different CZ. For example, a shooter could post one with her CZ Varmint and another with her CZ American and even a third with a scoped Ultra Lux!

Post a pic of your target and the equipment you used in this thread by July 31, 2017.

Honor system, and we couldn't ask for a more honorable bunch. Remember, you can shoot up to four targets and post the highest score of the four.

A spotting scope will be most helpful in determining hits and misses as you are shooting, but it is not required. Binoculars or a scoped rifle laying to the side can be used to spot as well.

Wind flags are fine for either the 50 foot open sight match or the the 25 yard scope match. I usually tie a piece of bright streamer or the like to a hammered-in stake.

Use this format to post your score(s):

Yankee Doodle Dandy (John Q. Public)
CZ 452 Trainer, Weaver RV-9 scope set at 9x
Wolf Match Target
Cowan front rest, Protektor rear bunny bag
Cloudy with light winds and temps in the low 50s

How to score:


Good question!

It looks like Kolin, the head guy of the USBR organization, will still sell you 10, 100, or 200 to get you started. This is how I got my first batch back in the early aughts. Here is the link to his notice on the USBR site followed by the link to American Target Company for a minimum order of 250.


(second box)


(third row down on the right)
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