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Originally Posted by Charlotte View Post
Our Light Rifle program at RBGC is geared toward a low/lower cost competition alternative and our experience is showing that at 50 feet CCI Std Vel is the best ammo for the price and shoots well in every rifle we've tried it in. I've never been a big CCI fan, but at this distance it is every bit as good as Wolf and SK. Part of the reasoning behind our shooting at 50 feet when we have a range that accommodates longer distances is that pretty much any rifle and ammo can be competetive at that distance. Once a competition becomes an equipment race we feel that it winds up discouraging participation. Our match is NRA sanctioned and rifles must weigh no more that 8 1/2 lbs and trigger must be no lighter than 2 lbs. Adjustable buttplates must be in the centered neutral position and no hooks are allowed.
Yes, these are pretty much the same rules we are using for Light Rifle class, and using the A-32 target as well. But we also have a separate Conventional 4P class for the expensive rifles to have fun too.