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Originally Posted by OKShooter View Post
Thanks TB, and thanks again for the nice comments everyone.

My intent, when posting this thread, was not to "reteach" those that have successfully installed the YoDave kit. People develop different techniques to do a job, and that's great.

I just wanted to take away any "fear of the unknown" for first time installers. It really is easier than you think, especially if you have a roadmap to help you get to where you are going.

Not to mention, it was fun to do.
OKShooter that is one of the most detailed well put together posts that I have personally read. You did a great job and I truly thank you for all your time and work. Thank you very much. I almost feel like I need to pay you. You took out all the guess work that you possibly could. Man what a great post to teach a dummy like me. I was scared to mess up a $450.00 rifle, but you got me over it.
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