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Originally Posted by stevo View Post
I have also ordered a Yodave trigger kit aswell, its on its way.

I would like to know which spring in the kit, you have settled on. I know its personal choice. but I would love to hear your preferences .

kind regards Stevo.
I find that my favorite is usually one spring lighter than the strongest spring. That would be #3, if #1 is the lightest and #4 is the strongest. If you shoot strictly benchrest, then you might prefer one of the lighter springs.

Usually a safe trigger is a balance between creep reduction and trigger pull weight. If you try and remove every shred of creep, you may need a stronger spring to keep it safe. If you leave in a little more sear engagement, you can safely go with a lighter spring. Again, just make sure you perform the bump test, and cycle the bolt to determine if you have a safe trigger. Better safe than sorry.
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