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Originally Posted by huntschool View Post

So far I am impressed and thats not easy to do. The fitment of wood to metal is excellent. Though I feel like the amount of width of wood alongside the barrel is a bit much I am not going to complain. I would like to have had the forearm a bit slimmer at the top ie rounded into the barrel channel more but , well, its OK.

The grade of the wood, as I mentioned earlier, is about in the middle quality wise from what I have heard and seen pictures of on this forum.

The barrel cleaned up quite well yesterday and is as has been said a tight 22 bore. It scrubbed out well with less "gunk/stuff" then I had anticipated. The final run with the jag did not produce any feel of burrs or roughness in the bore. The test target supplied with the gun was shot on 8/8/2019 and shows a three shot group of 6 mm dispersion at 50 m shooting RWS ammo. If that will hold up or perhaps even improve with the high quality ammo I have it will be a squirrel killer.

The trigger on this gun, as you may know, is something different from CZ triggers of the past. Out of box it is quite crisp with no creep or over run. It is still a bit heavy for my desires but I will fix that as soon as I get a new set of angled hex wrenches, especially the tiny one that works on the trigger itself and the YoDave spring. I like my trigger pull to be under 1 lb.

For now, that is about all I can say. Scope rings will be in house tomorrow and we are expecting rain so I dont know that I will get to shoot it until Wednesday or so. I am having cataract surgery on Thursday so I will not be able to shoot until at least Monday according to my surgeon.

You should also know that I have a Lilja 17 Mach II barrel coming for this rifle. The change was my original idea for the purpose of this gun. I am going to shoot it a good bit with the 22 LR barrel just to get the feel of it and then swap out the barrel.

At this point just based on what is in hand I am very pleased with this rifle. However, as I am sure you know, to each his own on gun choices... If you have other specific questions do not be afraid to ask.

Thanks for the info! Sounds like for the money this is an excellent rifle thus far.
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