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Hornady 17 gr with split necks. Acustomer service story...

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Just a little background on my experience. I first joined the HMR clan back when the round first came out. I couldn't even find a rifle in the caliber, so I bought a 77/22 mag and installed a GM fluted HMR barrel. I thoroughly enjoyed the accuracy and performance on varmints around my place. Once in a great while I would find a split neck. I stocked up on some ammo and even bought extra when Cabelas had a sale. This was when Hornady was about the only ammo around although, I did get some others.

Fast forward to recently at the range, I got a squib. The bullet made it about half way down the barrel, which I pushed out with my brass rod. Later I discovered unfired cases with split necks. I was going to separate out the visible splits but found them just by visual inspection thru the plastic box. I emailed Hornady, then called giving them my customer number. They sent a return shipping label which will go out today. The rep told me that some of the ammo was from '04 and '07. Glad they are doing me right, but watch your old ammo for neck splits which allow the powder to draw moisture!
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