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Nope, not dreaming.

Been shooting them for several years, it's basically how I got started shooting rimfire. Most likely there are no two the same, as far as targets or the way the game is played. I have been to several and all seem to run very smoothly. The one I attend the most, use a major name target, IR RBA ARA & PLS. We shoot two targets, the winning is broke this way. Row winner = 10, target winner = 2, best center in a vertical row ( determined by a roll of the dice) = 10 and most X's on both cards. So you have 23 chances of winning something, this is determined by the number of shooters involved. Some nights everyone is a winner and some nights not. We usually have between 12-18 shooters and we all have a great time. Very casual, laid back, only a few rules to follow.
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