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Kleinguenthers- 201’s - Voere

K-22 knows these rifles. For those interested Remington 541 bases will work if they are drilled and taped.
Also Mr. Kleinguenther worked for Weatherby’s when his rifles were made in Germany before it was moved to Japan. He moved to Seguin, Texas and opened
Kleinguenthers distinctive firearms on hwy 46. He later sold to Phil. Name was changed to KDF.
Kleinguenther then opened another gunshop in Seguin.
I had him do a good deal of work for me. He rebarreled several rifles for me.
Along with muzzle brakes and accurizing a number of rifles for me.
He found out I hand loaded my own ammo and I wound up loading some for him.
He had his own pet loads.
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