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Thank you, Frank! There's a whole series of events that are the core causality for me adoring Woodsman pistols.

Fortunately I've been working on and building my general skills with gunsmithing ( ONLY as a hobby ) for several decades and actually did a "rescue project" on a 1959 Huntsman that was in awful condition but for the bore. I did a ground up rebuild on that one. That was the "Woodsman" that I cut my teeth on as far as "working" on them.

The Match Target was something I saw, checked out and bought immediately as it was a decent condition piece at the right price. I have learned with Colts that, "He who hesitates is lost."

I forgot to do one thing before I bought the gun....test the darn trigger. This is the only Woodsman I have personally found with a crappy trigger. I spent a lot of time with the core components before committing to cutting a sear and, thank goodness, she turned out perfect.

Don't want to ever do it again if I can avoid it.
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