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New to me Single-Six

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I had been looking for awhile to find a nice old model single six revolver. After doing a lot of reading on our favorite forum here, I have read statements by Iowegan and others that the new model is a safer revolver, so I expanded my search to include the new model as well. I found a like new in box blued steel new model with a 4 5/8 inch barrel, my favorite. I couldn't resist, and it came home with me today. I see that this particular revolver was made in 2015, and I just couldn't believe the quality of the polished blued steel finish. I haven't had a chance to shoot it yet but am sure getting my share of enjoyment just looking at it and admiring it. Came with black plastic checkered grips but I had a nice pair of original Ruger walnut grips in my parts bin and they sure do look nice on it. Sorry for rambling on, but this 74 year old shooter still gets excited over buying a new Ruger.
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