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Originally Posted by m17hm2 View Post
I'm considering a take down mannlicher with a stock from 1022td-woodstocks.com.

I've seen a few on here and can't stop thinking about them.

My question: are there any aftermarket td barrels that work with the mannlicher?

I'm looking for a sporter w/ iron sights. I've poked around some, and don't see anything.


If your [TD] rifle came with a 18.5-inch barrel, your set to go.

I have a model 1265, it came with a 18.5-inch barrel from the factory.

If, on the other hand your TD came with a 16"(+/-)barrel, ask Mike if he'll shorten the nose of the Mannlicher stock a couple inches at the time he cut's it in 1/2.

I've been working on an e-mail to Mike to ask him if he'll cut a couple inches off the nose of my Mannlicher stock so I can drop in the action from the Compact model..
Ruger 10/22CRR (01168) I purchased a couple months after the manny.

Personally, I think a couple inches off the front end of the stock will help the visual balance of the rifle considerably.

Food for thought...

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