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Originally Posted by 2011ERIC View Post
First let me say that this is my first K-frame rimfire and doubtful that it will be the last. It arrived at the LGS today from Bud’s. Fit and finish seem to be really good. Doesn’t seem to have an issue with “clocking” of the barrel. I guess I was expecting to open the box and see a host of imperfections but I didn’t. I guess love may be blind. The gun is heavy but not uncomfortably so. I was afraid that the 6” barrel with be nose heavy but I think it balances very well. The double action pull is heavy but smooth and single action feels great. I haven’t had to chance to check both on the trigger gauge. My plan is for some nice wood grips and a Vortex Venom sight. A range report as soon as the South Mississippi weather permits.

I’m not a professional photographer so forgive the poor lighting and lack of originality.

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Altamont has some great grips and very reasonable prices. Look at ebay for Ahrends grips- family shop and really nice fit- from my experience.
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