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Originally Posted by DroopyBassets75 View Post
I got the liquid and wish I had bought the cream instead. The liquid has been so-so at best. I had to use SO many coats of it to get the desired color. It just would not blend well and half the time the bluing didn't set in at all no matter how I tried. Yes, I followed the directions.

The Birchwood Casey paste has given me much better results, though I am positive the Oxpho Blue cream would be awesome and probably a improvement on the BC product.
I used an old bottle of the liquid and that's one of the reasons I was concerned about the results. I'd like to try the paste, but not sure I'll ever have enough need from here on out to justify the purchase.

I've never had very good luck with any of the Birchwood Casey bluing products. Funny how different people can have different experiences with the same product.

Originally Posted by BobSc View Post
I've been using the 44-40 on mine and had great luck. I actually tried the 44-40 because of the inconsistent reviews I keep hearing about the Oxpho Blue on different sites.

I love 44/40 for small parts and quick jobs. It's always given me excellent results. Not sure I'd want to try rebluing a while gun with it though.
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