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I had a like new Colt Series 70 stolen in the late 1990s.

I checked with the local PD about 7 years later.

They let me know that they checked and found it in a New Mexico law enforcement agency and they had it for 6-1/2 years and when contacted they told my local PD that they were getting ready to destroy it. I told my local PD that they weren’t going to destroy it, they had been using it for 6-1/2 years without returning it. My local PD officer was upset that I would make that accusation. I asked him what else made sense for putting it in the system, but not returning it. I got it back a few days later. I had to get an appraisal and pay my insurance company who had paid me years earlier. I showed the local PD all the wear on the right grip panel from seat belt wear. The local PD was embarrassed by the obvious law enforcement use. “Homie” only had it on the street for less than 6 months and he didn’t open carry it against a seat belt.

Using stolen property and not returning it isn’t cool. I suggest if you have had a valuable firearm stolen, have your local PD check for it every decade.
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