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Originally Posted by Frank3 View Post

Thanks for the info:

I forgot about the 1.5" recess (just like a 22lr upper).

Just a few questions.
1. Suppression wiithout an adjustable gas block?

Is that going to pose a problem with the cyclic rate, lock time, buffer weights etc....

I plan on getting one of these (saving pennies and looking where I can sell stuff off) but I would use it almost 100% suppressed.

Is there going to be a problem with that?

2. Any issues with ruptured cases or anything of that nature (I am assuming the locked bolt solves those issues).


It cycled better with a suppressor, ran 120 rounds suppressed through it.
By better I do mean no sluggish bolt , rimfire and gas operated actions makes for sluggish actions and interesting ejection patterns, its the round!

Now this isnt 100% however, ive found suppressors tend to even that out with handguns and AR type rimfire actions, obviously this is not scientific, however, while the rifle didnt like 20 grn CCI plated soft nose rounds; with supressor they ran flawlessly through 3 magazine's - and I saw no appreciable variation in poa with 17 grn vmax and otm rounds.

I did not put this information in the review, with recent events do not want labels being tossed about due to others irrational ideologies - i plan on using it suppressed most of the time (Sparrow)

Additionally zero ruptured cases, though 17hmr is not a strong cased round, and so it is likely to eventually see this occur, I am at this point sticking with winchester and cci ammunition, im not one to chance a solid firearm over .02 difference in round cost (I doubt any rupture would faze this as it is very solidly made, far more so than most bolt guns)

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