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Originally Posted by gregbenner View Post
TE, not at all disagreeing, but curious as to why you view the Mark 2 as superior to the 3? I have a Mark 2, as well as two Volquartson made Mark 3s (slant and 1911 frames). I just hate the mag release on the Mark2, particularly since I use target grips. Other than that they seem pretty similar to me??
Ah, target grips. That explains why so many people complained about the heel release. I shoot both, MK2 and MK3, (standard grips) and I've found that I have no real preference of one release over the other.

However, the MK3 release is precisely the reason I will never buy another MK3 and why I think the MK2 is superior. I do like the concept of a push-button release. It's just the Ruger design is attrocious IMO. Of the 5 FTFeed failure types I've identified - 3 are caused by this horrible release. This doesn't even count the mag colliding with the release upon insertion.

There are 4 changes I would make to the push-button release to eliminate all these problems. As it is, I've had to add magazine guides front, back, and side, as well as doing a little milling on the release to fix all the issues. Would have been much faster and easier to just replace the MK3 release with the superior MK2 release, but I wanted to see if I could make the gun work well without converting it into another MK2.

The release is one of the things I'm hoping Ruger redesigned for the MK4.
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