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Frostburg: If you don't want to do a bunch of work yourself, I recommend Arrowdodger's KAT trigger. Will drop your trigger pull to somewhere around 14-16 Ounces.

He does all the work for you.

Or, you can follow my Cletus Bubba Smith School of Gunsmithing method and use Arkansas stone and MCARBO springs to obtain a trigger pull of less than 3 lbs. How much less than 3 lbs, I don't know because Bubba won't let us use anything as a trigger gauge other than what we have around the house. And my wife doesn't have any hand weights less than 3 pounds...but the trigger pulls on my Model 60 now so I know I am below 3 lbs. I won't know if it is "Squirrel-worthy" until I kill a few with it. Squirrels are the true measure of all things in life.

You get a great feeling of satisfaction following Bubba's methods. But you get a 1 lb trigger if you go with Arrowdodger's KAT trigger.

I can't say which is better; 'do-it-yerself' or have it done professionally. I report, you decide.

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