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Originally Posted by kiwiVT View Post
Is it reliable? Is it reliable with a variety of ammo? I have a Tippmann 1919 that is is very ammo sensitive. Blazers work well and supposedly MiniMag solids do, too... I haven't tried MiniMags but everything I've tried other than Blazers STINKS!

Does is lead the barrel quickly? I have to clean the barrel and chamber of the Tippmann every 300-400 rounds which is ridiculous is a full auto. Had I known that I would have bought a Tippmann M2 .50 cal replica that shoots a 22 magnum, a true jacketed round unlike (some) of the merely copper washed 22LR.

Does John Norrell still service his full auto trigger packs? One of the reasons I bought the Tippmann was that services / repair were readily available when I bought it but the one place that did has since closed shop. Last thing I want is a $12-$15K paperweight in case something goes terribly wrong.

What's preferable, the one with the lever or the other one with the full auto switch incorporated into the safety? How do you tell the anti-bounce bolt from one that isn't? Can the anti-bounce bolt be bought readily? Is it true he still has new trigger packs and releases some periodically?

If anyone that has a Norrell 10/22 trigger pack has any insight to my questions or anything I didnt think about I love to hear it!

The Norrell packs could be defined as just slightly less reliable than whatever the host is, once the trigger pack and host have been tuned. Generally, the pack equipped 10/22 will run most HV ammo, and with minor mods, can run almost anything including subsonic. Once the host and pack are tuned and 'worn in' the guns generally run very close to 100%.

The barrel leading will depend highly on ammo and the barrel itself, being a 10/22 swapping barrels is easy enough, and most barrels are finished well enough that leading isn't a problem with plated ammo, and even with most plain lead bullet ammo.

John Norrell does still service his trigger packs, but he's a man, and time stands still for no man. He does occasionally sell 'new' trigger packs made using sears that were registered back in '86.

The two types of packs I'm aware of are the lever, and button types. the button type has a button recessed into the blade of the trigger so that if you pull the top of the trigger it actuates it. John can convert one type of pack into the other. I don't know what he charges for that service. I think there were other 'conversions' back in the day that used a replacement safety lever as the selector, but I think the only ones I've seen used an open bolt with a fairly weak and failure prone mechanism.

The anti-bounce bolt is very obviously different visually, it has the bottom rear machined away and has a sliding weight installed in that space. The bolt's are not 'readily' available, but if you have the paperwork showing you own a trigger pack, John Norrell will sell you an anti-bounce bolt. There may be other smiths that would make one for you. If you need specifications to have one made, please PM me.

I think that the AM180 and Norrell converted 10/22 are probably the highest regarded rimfire machine-guns for reliability.
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