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Remington ... Baikal ... Zastava

Originally Posted by <SLV> View Post
I wonder if US manufacturers have tried to make it difficult to import....

No, I don't think so.
At one time Big Green (Remington) imported some of the Baikal line and a few of the Zastava series.
But, they just didn't import the complete line - so did Charles Daly and EAA.

Moreover, when Remington imported some Zastava centerfire rifles and rimfires,
_they replaced the traditional (desirable) walnut stock with a
_domestically produced laminated (love or hate) version - poor marketing.
And, the price on the rifles was higher than the MSRP for the Charles Daly version - how high? ... They didn't sell.

Currently, EAA is importing some of the Zastava firearms and has dropped the Baikal guns.
And, before anyone points-out that Baikal, Saiga, Izmash, et cetera are not the same,
_what has happened to one model line ... has or may occur to another.

Why?!?!?! ... That's another long story ... based, mostly, on speculation and conjecture.
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