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So I ordered the cartridge guide spring I needed from E-gun parts and it arrived today. Thanks to the posts by Oldwolf and GT in the other thread, I got it installed no problem. Unfortunately, the rifle still is failing to feed.

Rather than go into a long discussion, I'll post some pics.

As you can see, the cartridges aren't even making it to the lifter. They're getting hung up somewhere along the way there. Where the cartridges come to rest also causes the action to jam, as the lifter gets stuck on the cartridge, which then prevents the bolt form moving. The inner mag tube won't push them down, even though the spring in it is fine. I can't even push rounds down with a cleaning rod. They just get stuck. I've tried several different kinds of ammo (Winchester, CCI, Short, Long, and LR) with the same results.

Any thoughts/suggestions as to why this might be happening and how to fix it? Help!!
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